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SEM with EBSD and Custom Heating and Loading Stage
Hitachi – SEM
Oxford Instruments – EBSD and EDS
Kammrath Weiss GmbH – Custom heating and loading stage

Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with an Electron Back Scatter Detector for grain mapping and analysis. The custom stage can heat up to 1,000ºC while loading under tension and fatigue.

Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) Unit

Ion Beam Assisted Deposition for thin film physical vapor deposition.

High-Pressure High-Temperature Autoclave/Reactor
AMAR Equipment – Magnasafe

Autoclave/Reactor system capable of materials processing at elevated pressures and temperatures.

Rolling Machine

Metal sheet rolling machine

Sand Blaster

For surface cleaning and preparation


Electropolisher for reducing the surface roughness of a metallic workpiece.

Ultrasonic cleaner
Elmasonic P

Ultrasonic cleaner for removing contaminants adhered to the surface through high-frequency sound waves.

Variable Frequency Microwave (VFM) Oven
Lamda Technologies Microcure 2100

Variable Frequency Microwave for material processing.

Manual Hydraulic Press
Dake H-Frame Press

50-ton capability

High-Temperature Furnace
Eurotherm 2116
  • Up to 1700ºC operating temperature
  • Programmable controller, multi-segment heating profile w/ adjustable ramp rate
  • Heating in an inert atmosphere hot Press
Hot Press
Centorr Vacuum Industries Series 3520 Vacuum Hot Press
  • Maximum operating temperature of 2000 ºC in Vacuum or Argon
  • Maximum vacuum – 5 x 10-7 torr.
  • Maximum Pressure – 50 tons.

Shaker Table
Vibration Test Systems, Inc. VTS 150
  • 150 lbf rated force
  • 70 in/sec rated velocity
  • Square, triangle, and sine wave inputs with 4 MHz function generator
Two Fume Hoods
  • Average face velocity 113 lfpm
  • 36”x27” working space each
  • Includes compressed air, water, and vacuum ports
Grinding And Polishing Stations
Buehler AUTOMET 2 power heads
  • Electronic loading system – variable force (3–60lbs)
  • Grinding and polishing down to 0.05μm
Fine Cutters
Buehler ISOMET 4000 linear precision saw

Wafering blades/cut-off wheels (4-8 inch dia. / as thin as 0.012-inch thickness blade)

Ball Mill
US Stoneware 1.8 Liter Ball Mill

Variable speed ball mill for mixing powders

Optical Microscope With Digital Image Grabbing
Unimet Unitron 9279
  • 5 – 1000 X magnification
  • Digital Image Grabbing software
Quad Group Romulus Work Station
  • Tests strength of thin films and coatings
  • Breaking Point Test Platform
  • Stud Pull Coating Adherence Module
  • Breaking Point Software