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Elective course: “Introduction to Engineering for Boys and Girls.”

In collaboration with a Wake County Public School teacher, Rabiei has developed a new elective course for K-5 students entitled “Introduction to Engineering for Boys and Girls.” Check out the student comments here!

The comparison of students’ knowledge about engineering before and after is shown in the chart below. A 300% increase in the average knowledge level was seen in the post-assessment average!

Hunter Elementary Gifted and Talented School Programs

We have been working with Hunter Elementary Gifted and Talented School students to share our excitement for engineering and show kids how anyone can become a scientist and do work that impacts the world.

There have been multiple science night presentations from 2009 to 2012 entitled “What Does an Engineering Scientist Do?” at Hunter Elementary. Dr. Rabiei and the team shared how our research uses advanced materials to make people safer and healthier. In addition, the kids had a chance to see several hands-on demonstrations of advanced materials in action, as well as posters to show how materials from our research can be used in the new world. The poster titles were “New Materials for Your Life: Metal Foams” and “New Materials for Your Body.”

We also offered multiple tours of our Advanced Materials Lab at NC State and other MAE Department facilities such as the wind tunnel and the Aerial Robotics Club, as well as other departments on campus such as the nuclear reactor, nano-fabrication clean room, Analytical Instrument Facility and Biomedical Engineering. Both events have been a great success— be sure to check out the photos!