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Research group – 2022
Dr. Rabiei was awarded the Pioneer in Technology, along with fellow awardees at SBMT 2017
Dr. Rabiei was awarded the Pioneer in Technology at SBMT in 2017
Dr. Rabiei attending SBMT 2017
Dr. Rabiei, alongside Dr. GangaRao, testifying before the Energy and Commerce subcommittee
Dr. Rabiei, during her visit to Washington D.C. to testify before the House Subcommittee
Dr. Rabiei briefed the research on brain-protecting materials at the 6th annual Brain Mapping Day at the US congress
John celebrates his Ph.D. graduation (December 2015) with Dr. Rabiei
Matias celebrates his Ph.D. graduation (December 2014) with Dr. Rabiei
The group gets together for a photo to commemorate the success of the MetFoam 2013 conference
Visitors stop by the AMRL booth in the MetFoam exhibit hall to learn more about our research
Matias Avila Garcia is awarded 3rd place for his poster at MetFoam 2013
Dr. Rabiei delivers her keynote presentation and hosts the MetFoam 2013 international conference at the Raleigh Convention Center
Stefan Sandukas celebrates his Ph.D. graduation (December 2012) with Dr. Rabiei
Research group – 2010
Xiao Bai celebrates his Ph.D. graduation (December 2009) with Dr. Rabiei, his wife Yuee, and daughter Carolyn
Lakshmi Vendra celebrates her Ph.D. graduation (August 2008) with Dr. Rabiei
Spring 2007
Brian Neville, Ph.D. M.E. 2006 with Dr. Rabiei: Optical Microscopy imaging of the metal foam samples
Research group – 2006
Lakshmi Vendra and Nick Reese, BSME 2006: Processing of metal foam by Casting
Research group – 2005
Research group – 2004
Elizabeth Baldwin, MSME 2004: Etching the substrate from a thin film shape memory alloy